How to help manage your cholesterol with HeartActive®

HeartActive® is a permeate free and low fat milk enriched with plant sterols, which helps lower your cholesterol levels. This website provides dietary information to assist you to manage your heart health.

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Why HeartActive®

One in three adults have high cholesterol1

Disclaimer: Australian Health Survey: Biomedical results for Chronic Diseases, 2011-12


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HeartActive Recipes

To help manage your cholesterol try these delicious healthy recipes using HeartActive.

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Berry Smoothie Recipe


Sweet Potato And Pumpkin Soup Recipe


Hazelnut And Cinnamon Porridge With Pink Poached Pears


Cinnamon And Date Scones With Honey Ricotta Recipe


How to help manage your cholesterol

To help manage your cholesterol swap your daily milk with our delicious low fat milk HeartActive®. For inspiration on what else you can do, have a look at our heart healthy diet tips.

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