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Managing diet and lifestyle to improve heart health and specifically manage cholesterol requires a multi-targeted approach.

The Heart Foundation website has up to date position papers on the key dietary and lifestyle goals for managing heart health. There are also a number of fact sheets and education reources that can be used to provide to clients.

On this site we have provided some specific information on HeartActive® and the role plant sterol can play in helping your clients manage their cholesterol and heart health.

You may also be interested in viewing the Heart Foundation's 2009 Position Statement Dietary fats and dietary sterols in cardiovascular health for an overview of the level of evidence and their key recommendations.

A selection of resources has been developed to help you and your clients in managing their cholesterol. Please find below links to a meal planner and presentation on cholesterol management.

We would appreciate your feedback on these resources and other resources which could be developed to assist you in your practice.  Please let us know.

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