Health benefits

99% fat free HeartActive® is not only low in saturated fat but provides essential nutrients like calcium and proteins found naturally in milk. HeartActive can be part of a balanced diet and help meet your daily serves of dairy, without compromising on taste.

The plant sterols in HeartActive® provide hearthealth benefits such as actively lowering cholesterol levels, making it an ideal choice as part of a heart healthy diet.

A large body of research shows that plant sterols can effectively lower cholesterol. Six clinical trials specifically demonstrate that milk enriched with plant sterols is effective in lowering LDL cholesterol1. Research shows that consuming plant sterols every day in milk can lower cholesterol (LDL) by an average of 10%, in just 3 weeks*.

The Heart Foundation Position Statement on dietary fats and dietary sterols for cardiovascular health recommends that adults concerned about their heart health consume plant sterol enriched foods such as low fat milk, each day as part of a heart healthy diet3. Their review of the scientific research concluded that plant sterol enriched foods can help lower cholesterol levels and thus provide heart health benefits3.

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2 Heart Foundation (2009) Position statement dietary fats and dietary sterols for cardiovascular health.

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